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CSCI 1720

Intermediate Web

About this site

So Fall 2020 is here, and we're still looking at online learning. Sigh. It is sort of interesting that we're having to do everything remotely. Remote work is often encountered in industry. This class is, I think, well suited for it, since the workflow involves developing/testing locally; then uploading completed work to a remote server

But I still miss the oportunity to see and work with you guys directly

One upside of the sequestering is that I got a lot of work done on assignments for us to do this session. We'll explore CSS3, Bootstrap, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP and try to integrate them into a glimmer of a view of what full-stack web development is

Technical Deets

This site is hosted on a DigitalOcean server running Ubuntu Linux version 20.04 (Focal Fossa) with the LAMP (Linux Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. The CSS framework used for development is Bootstrap. The custom CSS for the site was compiled using Sass. There's no required text for the class, but W3Schools is an excellent resource that we'll make use of extensively