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CSCI 1720

Intermediate Web

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The class's syllabus. View online and/or download

Good Reads

This is a list of good books, many of which I reference in class, that I thought I'd post here. I've just gotten it started, and anticipate that it will grow over time, as I remember more. I know y'all have plenty of free time for supplemental/pleasure reading, and all, but if you have a 'rainy day list' you should consider some of these

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes for the semester

Bootstrap Classes

This is a list of all of the Bootstrap classes

Project Template Archive

This is a file archive that you can use to begin new projects. It includes starter files for a variety of scenarios, plus supporting JS, CSS, Sass, PHP, and SQL

Lecture Videos

The class's syllabus. View online and/or download

HTML Glossary

Glossary of commonly used HTML tags with examples

HTML Attributes

HTML 5 Attributes

CSS Glossary

Glossary of common CSS properties



Flash Cards

Flash Cards, to help with studying and test-prep

Web Vocabulary

Terms associated with web development