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CSCI 1720 Labs

Intermediate Web


Lab 1

Today's lab is a review of basic HTML and CSS to refresh our memory from CSCI 1720/1210 and set the stage for this semester's material

Lab 2

Today, we're going to explore some CSS 3 properties

Bootstrap I

Let's play with Bootstrap!

Bootstrap II

Today we'll expand on our knowledge of Bootstrap - create a template file and add a navbar to our work

Bootstrap III

Let's make a carousel!

Sass I

Today we'll start working with Sass to create better and more maintainable stylesheets

Sass II

Today we'll continue exploring Sass, using partials, extends, and functions

Introduction to JavaScript

Starting out with JavaScript

JS Lightbox

Let's build a JavaScript Lightbox!

jQuery I

This lab will start us out using jQuery and exploring some of what jQ brings to the game

jQuery II

Form validation is a common and important aspect of web development. Any time we're soliciting information from a user, we have to ensure that if the user makes a mistake, the action will fail gracefully. We also have to validate input to guard against malicious users trying to booger up our site


This lab will require some PHP skilz. We're simulating a common event in development: One team (the Frontend Team, in our scenario) will hand off some code to another (Us, the Backend Team) for completion (or completion of its assigned task). So the registration page, CSS, and images are all ready. We just have to write the code to process the form