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CSCI 1720 Labs

Intermediate Web

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Lab 1 -Review

Today's lab is a review of basic HTML and CSS to refresh our memory from CSCI 1720/1210 and set the stage for this semester's material

Lab 2 - CSS Timeline

Today, we're going to explore some CSS 3 properties

Lab 3 - Bootstrap I

Let's play with Bootstrap!

Lab 4 - Bootstrap II

Today we'll expand on our knowledge of Bootstrap - create a template file and add a navbar to our work

Lab 5 - CSS Animation

Landing pages are used on websites to draw visitors in to the site. Though there's no guarantee that a user will land on your site at the landing page, it is good practice to use one as a 'portal' to your site

Lab 6 - Sass I

Today we'll start working with Sass to create better and more maintainable stylesheets

Lab 7 - Sass II

Today we'll continue exploring Sass, using partials, extends, and functions

Lab 8 - Introduction to JavaScript

Starting out with JavaScript

Lab 9 - JS Lightbox

Let's build a JavaScript Lightbox!

Lab 10 - SASS To Do

It seems like 'To Do' lists, and their variants are common topics for tutorials. At least as far as I've seen. In this class, we're going to do two, each illustrating using different solutions for accomplishing essentially the same thing, with some different features

Lab 11 - jQuery I

This lab will start us out using jQuery and exploring some of what jQ brings to the game

Lab 12 - jQuery II

Form validation is a common and important aspect of web development. Any time we're soliciting information from a user, we have to ensure that if the user makes a mistake, the action will fail gracefully. We also have to validate input to guard against malicious users trying to booger up our site

Lab 13 - jQuery Shopping List

Creating dynamic lists seems to be a common topic for tutorials, if you've ever looked. There's a good chance you may be called pon to demonstrate your ability to code a list as part of an interiew as well. It makes sense, since it is a very common use-case that requires some basic programming knowledge to solve. So let's do another list project using jQuery...

Lab 14 - JavaScript & AJAX

This lab will make use of jQuery to create a client-side shopping list application with several features

Lab 15 - PHP Registration Form

This lab will require some PHP skilz. We're simulating a common event in development: One team (the Frontend Team, in our scenario) will hand off some code to another (Us, the Backend Team) for completion (or completion of its assigned task). So the registration page, CSS, and images are all ready. We just have to write the code to process the form