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CSCI 1720

Intermediate Web


Homework 1

Let's make a Bootstrap Carousel!

Homework 2

We're going to get a little practice creating personas (yes, I skipped HW 1 ... it is a homework-based Bootstrap carousel assignment, which we've already done)

Homework 3

In this assignment, we're going to create a modal and conigure it to fade out when its button is clicked. We also have to style its elements and add Javascript to make things work

Homework 4

This assignment will finish out what we started with Homework 3 (or will it? Hmmmm....). We'll add and style an audio control and a little JavaScript to make it work

Homework 5

So, we've gotten a lot of mileage out of this little exercise, haven't we? A couple of final tweaks should satisfy our collective OCD, I think. Annnnnd, we can explore some new CSS and JavaScript along the way