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CSCI 1720

Intermediate Web

Assignment Template

Part of establishing an effective workflow involves eliminating repetitive activities. A lot of projects/assignments/files have common properties. So you shouldn't find yourself typing the same things, making the same files and subfolders over and over again.

On the right, we have a .zip archive, including a template HTML page and subfolders with placeholder content, to use in future assignments. Included with the template is a starter CSS file named style.css that has a couple of CSS rules that are common to all (most, at least) of your projects in this class

    - css
    - js
    - media
    - php
    - scss
    - sql
        - index.html
        - index.php
        - index-bs.html
        - index-bs.php

File Structure
        |   .manifest       #this file
        |   index-bs.html   #starter for Bootstrap HTML projects
        |   index-bs.php    #starter for Bootstrap PHP projects
        |   index.html      #starter for basic HTML projects
        |   index.php       #starter for basic PHP projects
        +---.sass-cache                     #generated by Sass
        |   \---80681c1ce03a7d425ca64586e64283839ca035ec
        |           main.scssc
        +---css                                 #css folder
        |       bootstrap-theme.css             #BS themes CSS
        |         #BS map file (created by Sass)
        |       bootstrap-theme.min.css         #BS theme minified
        |       bootstrap.css                   #BS development (probably never used)
        |               #BS map file (created by Sass)
        |       bootstrap.min.css               #BS production CSS (minified)
        |       jquery-ui.min.css               #jQuery UI minified
        |       main.css                        #starter CSS for projects
        |                    #map file (created by Sass)
        |       readme                          #readme file
        +---js                                  #folder for JavaScript files
        |       html5shiv.js                    #for supporting old versions of IE
        |       ie-emulation-modes-warning.js   #more IE hand-holding
        |       ie10-viewport-bug-workaround.js #...and yet more IE
        |       jquery-ui.min.js                #jQuery UI minified (production) script
        |       jQuery3.4.1.min.js              #jQuery v3.4.1 minified (production) script
        |       project.js                      #starter file for project
        |       readme                          #readme
        +---media                               #folder for images, video, audio
        |       readme                          #readme (placeholder)
        +---php                                 #folder for PHP files
        |       readme                          #readme (placeholder)
        +---scss                                #folder for Sass source files
        |       main.scss                       #starter file
        |       readme                          #readme
        \---sql                                 #folder for SQL scripts
                readme                          #readme


  • Click the above link to download the file
  • Save the file on your external drive
  • When you start a new assignment
    • Make a new subfolder in the appropriate directory (labs, etc.)
    • Copy the template archive to the new directory
    • Extract the files from the archive
  • You will then have the files and folders you need to complete your assignment